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Kyle Thoroughman, our Owner, has spent his career helping and serving others. He spent several years in the military that would allow him to hone in on his skills to serve others. His approach to benefits is the client first. To ensure we do this, we offer a no-cost consultation to discover your needs. When it comes to our approach we focus on alternative solutions to help you keep your cost low and at the same time bringing you and your staff the most value. Our products range from safety-net plans to life insurance, and health insurance and all of our plans are customizable to fit your needs. We truly hope we get the chance to serve your business soon. 
American Solutions Group is made up of a group of independent insurance entrepreneurs who realized that there was no single carrier or product that had the perfect answer for the marketplace. While health insurance costs rise, coverage remains insufficient. Combining years of experience and a wealth of knowledge working with small businesses, we founded American Solutions Group with the mission of helping small business owners with health insurance solutions that protect their staff, their families, and their bottom line. We offer several solutions that include Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Bookkeeping, and Payroll. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all your small business needs. 
Aflac allows us to fill the gaps and provide you and your families with the protection you need for everyday life. Starting with the basics like dental and vision, all the way to protect your income when you are hurt or sick. 
Traditional plans may not work for everyone, whether that reason is the cost or narrow networks. Sidecar health created plans with affordable, robust coverage that can be used at any healthcare provider and pharmacy.
Oscar has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings over other health coverage companies and saves businesses money on premiums. Oscar focuses on taking care of your health needs before they turn into health issues. Your employees will be happy with us, and you’re happy with our prices. It’s a win-win. For you. 
Medical Cost Sharing is an innovative non-insurance solution for managing large healthcare costs. Our Community works together to save money without compromising the quality of care. We believe that leading a healthy lifestyle, contributing to a sharing community, and having direct access to care can lower costs and create better health outcomes.
At American Solutions Group we know not one person is the same. We all have different needs and we all want our life insurance to fit those needs. This is why we have partnered with over 50 different Life Insurance companies to bring you the most value. There are no cookie cutters here, all of our quotes are custom to you. Just the way you would like it. 
Think about it, even with the best health insurance plan, when you go to the doctor you still have some out-of-pocket costs. Clever RX has negotiated prescription discounts on your behalf to save you additional money. Also, some pharmaceuticals may not be covered by your insurance, or your deductible may be too high. Clever RX to the rescue! Oh, and it's FREE to use. You can download the free app below. 

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Vision is more critical to a benefits package than you might think. Employees who have a vision benefit are nearly twice as satisfied with their benefits - and are more than twice as likely to say benefits are a reason they stay with their employer.

As the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance, Delta Dental makes it easy to protect your smile and keep it healthy, with the largest network of dentists nationwide, quick answers, and personalized service.
If you would like a free quote of any kind please hit contact us below. Please include your preferred contact information and one of our licensed agents will reach out to you shortly. Also, feel free to call us directly.

Kyle is a classy, trustworthy, and dedicated insurance professional. He cares for his clients and always strives to do what is in their best interest. If you want to learn about your options to protect your family and/or your business, then you need to talk with Kyle. ~ John Roselle
Kyle and his team provided me with top-shelf service that exceeded my expectations! Was just looking for some advice during my free consultation and was met by a warm handshake and a friendly grin from a fellow Veteran. I left there with more knowledge about my employee benefits and health insurance options than I ever thought I’d need to know! Their patience with me through the process was unbelievable! Platinum level customer service!
~ Randy Heath
Kyle is very professional and super helpful. He will throw himself out there to get you what you wanted. Not only that but he also follows up with you over time if anything were to arise he would still help you in that situation even though he doesn’t have to. Kyle really dedicates his time to helping others and conducting great business practices. I don’t any better person that could help you and represent you as he would. I truly respect people like Kyle, and would highly recommend doing business with him. ~ Troyvine Jefferson
Kyle is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet! He figures out exactly what it is you need/want and will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. He not only helps businesses but also recommends businesses and is a huge advocate for locally owned businesses. Working with Kyle has left me feeling like I have gained a great friend. I would 1000% recommend American Solutions Group to anyone (even if it's just to see what your options are and what he has to offer).
~ Brittany Roth